Clair & Kev, Leigh Golf Club, Cheshire wedding

I met Clair & Kev over twelve months before their wedding and I instantly felt at home the moment I met them both - it was as if I had known them for years. With wedding plans in full swing I received a Whatsapp message from Clair to say she was having a baby before the wedding! I caught up with the whole family, including little Louie a few weeks before the big day.

The wedding day arrived and the weather was rainy, but I knew with this fabulous couple they would make it sunny anywhere! Clair and her army of bridesmaids got ready at her Mums & Dad's whilst Kev and the lads got ready at their house. Clair's Mum made all the beautiful flowers.

Clair and Kev got married at Fearnhead Church then had a lovely wedding breakfast at Leigh Golf Club.

A truly heartfelt family wedding and I expected nothing less from this amazing couple. I wish you both all the love and happiness, Claire xxx